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Keratoconus Treatment – Austin, TX

Keratoconus Eye Disease

Keratoconus, also referred to as KC, is a condition in which the cornea of the eye thins and leads to irregular astigmatism and vision complications. This particular eye disease can start at any time, but is most commonly incurred in the late teens or early twenties. If you find yourself having to change your prescription an abnormally frequent amount, or experiencing the below symptoms, you may want to check in with an experienced optometrist to make sure you don’t have Keratoconus.

Symptoms:Keratoconus Treatment

  • Blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty with night time driving
  • Seeing halos around lights
  • Eye strain and headaches
  • Eye irritation and itching

Are You at Risk?

If you have a history of wearing poorly fitted contacts, rubbing at your eyes, or overexposing your eyes to UV rays on those sunny Austin days, you are putting your eyes at risk for weakened corneas. (This is why getting proper contact lenses and UV protection eyewear is SO important!) However, you can also be genetically predisposed to having Keratoconus, so you may be more likely to develop KC if you have family members affected.

Treatment Options at Look + See Vision Care

Keratoconus can be difficult to diagnose, so it is important to see a doctor to get a professional assessment of any possible damage. At Look + See, we will be able to examine your eye to detect thinning, scarring or curvature in the cornea. From there, we can work to determine the best solution for your vision troubles.

It may be a matter of looking into specialty lenses to compensate for any abnormalities in the corneal shape. Scleral lenses are an option for Keratoconus patients suffering from vision troubles. For more advanced cases of the disease, we may need to consider more involved treatment options. Whatever your eyes’ specific needs, we can work out a tailored solution!