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Pediatric Eye Care

The Importance of Kids’ Eye Exams

The American Public Health Association reports that 80% ofchildrens-vision a student’s learning potential relies on good vision. Unfortunately, most vision problems do not get diagnosed until children reach middle school. It is vital for all children to have routine eye exams throughout their preschool and elementary school years to make sure that their vision health remains on track.

Although many schools and pediatrician offices offer vision screenings, these tests are not designed to catch such problems as farsightedness, astigmatism, or lazy eyes. At Look + See Vision Care, we start performing eye examinations for children as young as four years old – or as soon as children can identify shapes/letters. It is important for children to get a proper eye examination before starting school, and to get checked yearly. Children cannot often properly convey whether their vision is good or not. Uncorrected poor vision in children can lead to permanently decreased vision, as their brains never fully develop and function with good vision. In addition, dilated examinations are
key to check ocular health, as many eye diseases have no visual symptoms for the patient until it is too late.

Our Staff will Care for Your Kids

We know that being a parent carries with it many questions and concerns about your child’s health and healthcare. Our staff is happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we will do our best to give you a thorough understanding of your child’s condition and eye care needs. We will also make sure that your child is not only comfortable, but happy in our office and exam rooms. Thanks to our in-office I-Care tonometer and Optomap technology, children don’t have to sit through uncomfortable air puff tests, and we are sometimes able to perform retinal imaging in lieu of dilation. Plus, our staff loves kids!

If your child requires glasses, we will teach your child how to properly wear and take care of their new spectacles. We offer durable frames for kids (Eco, Brooklyn Spectacles, and Ray Bans). We can also evaluate your kids for contacts as soon as you feel that they are mature enough. Children often have a desire for contacts when they start middle school or high school, or start playing sports. We can also teach them how to insert, remove, and take care of the contacts.

We look forward to providing wonderful eye care for you and your whole family!
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